UMax 22 22″ 1440P Monitor with Stand


The 22 inch monitor is not only lightweight and portable, but can also become a powerful desktop tool. Whether on the go or in the office, 22 monitor delivers a stunning display. Convenient interface, seamless connection with various devices. Its simple design blends perfectly into any desktop, adding a splash of color to work and play. Whether you are working efficiently or enjoying entertainment, 22 inch computer monitor allows you to keep everything under control and feel the perfect combination of freedom and convenience in a busy city.


Today, flexibility and portability are important requirements in modern working life. This 22 inch computer monitor is an ideal choice for your office, providing you with an unparalleled office experience. Whether you are using a computer host, mini host or laptop. 22 inch monitor has excellent mobility and flexibility, allowing you to enjoy a high-quality work experience anytime, anywhere.


The 22 monitor is more than just a screen, it is your entrance to games and entertainment. Its portability and excellent performance allow you to open your own entertainment world anytime, anywhere. Whether on the road or during leisure time, the 22 inch monitor can bring you endless fun and enjoyment. Make your time after work more exciting and let your entertainment fun be everywhere!


Whether you’re working in a café or enjoying nature outdoors, 22 inch monitor can keep you company. When you turn it on, 22 inch computer monitor becomes your mobile workstation. You can create, edit, and display your work on its screen, just like standing on a borderless creative stage.


22 inch computer monitor is not just a work screen, it is also a bridge for you to share joy with your family and friends. Team up with friends to fight, compete with each other and enjoy the fun of the game. When you connect it to your device, it instantly lights up your gaming experience.


This 22 inch monitor is a feature-packed all-rounder with built-in stand, speakers, and excellent wide compatibility. Whether you’re traveling, working or entertaining, it provides you with unparalleled convenience and versatility.


VESA mounting maximizes desktop space, leaving more space for other necessary work items, such as keyboard, mouse, and files. VESA mounting also provides greater flexibility. Freely adjust the height and angle of 22  monitor for the best viewing experience and comfort. 


22 in monitor with built-in dual speaker. You can enjoy a high-quality audio experience directly without the need for external speakers. When you watch a movie, it will give you dramatic sound effects that make you feel like you are there. 


22 in monitor interface compatibility makes connecting easy! Whether it’s mini HDMI or USB-C, they can seamlessly connect with your monitor, unleashing your imagination for work and entertainment! Imagine the possibilities, making every moment you travel in the digital world full of surprises and convenience!


The 16:9 widescreen ratio matches HD content, allowing high-resolution images and videos to be fully displayed and maintain their original proportions without stretching or distortion. You can seamlessly switch between various devices without worrying about the adaptability of the content.


With a 178° full viewing angle, 22 inch monitors can present you with the same excellent picture quality whether you are sitting in front of the screen or leaning sideways. You will feel the all-round visual enjoyment it brings, as if you are in the center of the image.


The 22 inch monitors’ low blue light feature uses advanced technology to filter out harmful blue light radiation, reducing eye dryness, fatigue, and discomfort. All while maintaining image clarity and color accuracy. You’ll find that you’ll be able to concentrate for longer periods without the distraction of eye discomfort.


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