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Do you want to shape your body easily at home or office? Do you want to have a butterflied shoulder and perfect lines? Do you want a simple tool to work your whole body? If your answer is yes, this pilates stick is what you need. Pilates sticks have similar functions as barbells, rowing machines, tension bands, and other equipment. The yoga pilates stick can exercise the whole body, especially beautify the legs and abdomen curves. In addition, the portable pilates bar kit is small and easy to store. Pilates sticks are suitable for home, gym, and more.

  • Light & easy. Low impact to prevent injury, light & easy to carry

  • Whole body. Performa many different types of exercise for arms, abdomen, legs & glutes

  • Take it anywhere. Detachable & easy to carry

  • Convenient. Includes a figure eight tension band, 2 secionts of pilates pole, & elastic tension rope

  • Versatile. Use it at the gym or at home


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