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LiDAR Pros Expands Services and Drone Reselling in Southwest Region

The integration of LiDAR technology into commercial drone operations continues to revolutionize industries such as architecture, surveying, construction, and public safety. The precision and efficiency offered by LiDAR have prompted significant advancements in data collection, enabling companies to streamline processes and enhance project outcomes.

The LiDAR Pros, LLC, headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, has recently announced an expansion of their services and drone reselling operations in the Southwest region. Boasting a team with over 80 years of collective experience in aviation and UAS data collection, The LiDAR Pros are positioned to cater to a wide range of projects spanning Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Southwest Colorado, western Arizona, and California.

In addition to their expertise in LiDAR-based services, The LiDAR Pros also serve as resellers for a variety of drones from reputable brands including Wingtra, Inspired Flight, Geocue, Microdrone, Pix4D, LP360, and Maptek. This strategic approach caters to the NDAA-concerned market, addressing the growing demand for compliant equipment amidst evolving legislative landscapes.

“Over the past couple of years, it’s become apparent that LiDAR is the next phase of uncrewed workflows and our team at Sundance Media Group wanted to have the ability to sell equipment and services along with our training and consulting.  We decided to fill the gap ourselves and The LiDAR PROs was formed!” said COO of Sundance Media Group, and President of The LiDAR PROs, Jennifer Pidgen.

The LiDAR Pros offer a comprehensive range of services, including fixed-wing drones for large area coverage and NATO-compliant multirotor systems for smaller areas and high ground-sampling distance requirements. The team also provides sensors for manned fixed-wing or rotor craft, in addition to UAS-focused services, with mobile mapping capabilities.

Brady Reisch, VDC and Mission Specialist at The LiDAR Pros, highlighted the transformative impact of LiDAR technology, stating,“LiDAR is shifting the world through a combination of being significantly faster and with service costs dramatically falling due to the growth in the industry.  Once clients experience the speed and superior datasets that are derived from LiDAR, it’s all they want moving forward.

The cost of LiDAR for purchase is still on the higher end; the cost typically amortizes over a few flights, once compared to the speed and data quality differences from photogrammetry.  Whether roadwork, construction, façade inspection/redesign, or land development, LiDAR data may be used for multiple outputs, ideal for general contractors and sub-contractors.”

Partnering with Sundance Media Group (SMG), The LiDAR Pros offer a full-service solution encompassing equipment demonstrations, data capture, sales of photogrammetry and LiDAR sensors and platforms, and live and online training for supported UAS brands. SMG’s training covers a wide range of topics, from Part 107 test preparation to thermal imaging, precision mapping, LiDAR post-processing, tactical operations, inspection, and other common uses of UAS.

The LiDAR Pros is woman-owned and operated, based in Las Vegas, NV, and Salt Lake City, UT, offering services in Nevada, Utah, Idaho, California, Western Arizona, Oregon, and Washington. Powered by Sundance Media Group established in 1994, The LiDAR Pros are an extension of the SMG reputation for reliability, quality training and services, and customer support. TLP is a proud supporter of Women And Drones.

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