PhotoSphere Picture & Video Backup Storage Resolution with 2TB HDD


PhotoSphere is a cutting-edge device engineered to automatically and remotely back up your invaluable photos, videos, and files. Designed for seamless interaction with multiple devices, it offers a robust, efficient, and straightforward solution to your photo storage needs. PhotoSphere connects remotely to all your phones, tablets, and computers to back them up in real time and to give you access to all your photos from all your devices from anywhere in the world. Experience worry-free photo management today!

  • 2TB storage. Enough storage for backing up all your computer data as well as photos from your phones & tablets
  • Wide compatibility. Supports iPhones, iPads, Android phones, tablets, Windows & Mac computers
  • Plug & play. Plug it into your Wi-Fi router or extender, install the app, and it automatically detects your PhotoSphere on your network
  • Safe & secure. Offers data encryption of any file, folder, or entire backup
  • Cost-efficient. No more paying for phone cloud storage or computer cloud storage
  • Encryption. Offers data encryption of any file, folder, or entire backup

More than just storage

  • AI-assisted facial recognition. Learns the faces from your photos & sorts them by person
  • Location-based organization. Rediscover your adventures with location-based grouping
  • Event, album, or folders organization. Intelligently groups photos from birthdays, holidays & celebrations

Every PhotoSphere comes with a license of Tonfotos* for Windows or Mac computers. Tonfotos simplifies the browsing of large photo collections by grouping shots by events, dates, people, locations, and so on. Simply map a network drive to your PhotoSphere and point Tonfotos to your backup. It will organize all your photos across all your backups.

*Tonfotos and the Tonfotos logo are trademarks of Andrey Isaev. All rights reserved.


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