PhiGolf World Tour Version: Particular Sensor with 38,000+ Precise, Actual Golf Programs (Open Field)


Phigolf World Tour Edition is a new edition of the world-popular Phigolf Home Golf Simulator from PhiNetworks. The World Tour Edition offers the classic Phigolf simulator app that lets you play rounds of golf in the comfort of your own home by yourself or against others online. The World Tour Edition also includes access to 38,000+ golf courses, each measured precisely by GPS mapping of L1 Technologies, the same mapping used by Bushnell, Yamaha, and GolfNow.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter!

  • Play any golf course around the world. Access 38,000+ golf courses, including country clubs and city link
  • Get the upper hand. Familiarize yourself with the holes at the very course you will play on your next game
  • Play anywhere, anytime. Offers users live 3D analysis on swinging, chipping, driving & putting
  • Compact. Perfect for swinging in tighter spaces
  • Weighted training stick. The inbuilt weighted mechanism makes it feel like you’re swinging a real golf club
  • Connect with avid golfers worldwide. Connect with like-minded individuals remotely via the online Phigolf World Tour Edition platform

How It Works

  1. Phigolf is a pocket-sized swing analyzer based on a 9-axis motion sensor
  2. The Phigolf sensor is plugged into the end of a swing trainer or a real golf club. The sensor then “reads” your swing as you swing the club
  3. The sensor connects via Bluetooth to the Phigolf simulator app running on your phone or tablet
  4. The app screen may be displayed on TV by using a mirroring device like Apple TV, Chromecast, or HDMI cable
  5. Ready? Swing! The sensor analyzes your swing, relays the data to the app, and the app calculates the trajectory, and projects the ball flight in the simulator app. Watch the ball fly on the big screen TV

NOTES: Due to license limitations, Phigolf World Tour Edition is not compatible with WGT or E6 Connect. The World Tour Edition offers the Phigolf app and the 38K+ World Tour courses.

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