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Nintendo Direct gave us a sneak peek of the video games coming to the Nintendo Change within the following months

Source: Nintendo

Today’s Nintendo Direct live stream was packed with tons of fantastic games. Some of them arrive as new titles, while others will help you relive unique experiences with older games soon in the Nintendo Switch. Further, Nintendo has also announced several free upgrades that are coming to some of the latest and most popular games in the market to make them even more interesting and challenging.

The live stream started with Fire Emblem Warriors, which let us see some of the combat scenes and game footage, even though we were also told that this footage was not final, so we could even see improvements to a trailer that looks stunning. I mean, even I was feeling the itch to get my hands on a new Nintendo Switch just to play this game. Characters and stories will most likely have a massive appeal to those who enjoy manga and anime, and it made me remember some of the characters from Fate/stay Night. Whatever the case, this game may be released on June 24.

Source: Nintendo

Another great title comes with Advanced Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp, where you will advise a colorful cast of commanding officers to help them win their turn-based battles. These games were originally launched on the GBA Advanced Wars, and the last time we received one of these titles was back in 2008. I loved this game back in the day, so I’m expecting huge things from this remake. Another promising and super fun game is Super Mario Strikers: Battle League. We received tons of information about this title, including the chance to get up to 8 players in action, four players per team in a crazy soccer match with tons of powerups and excitement. You can already pre-order yours, and it will be released on June 10.

We will also get titles including No Man’s Sky, Splatoon 3: Salmon Run, Front Mission 1st: Remake, Disney’s SpeedStorm, and other great games. We also saw great options coming for Star Wars, Assassin’s Creed, Gundam, and Chrono Cross fans. Kirby and the Forgotten Land is also coming, and it looks amazing, where our hero will be using a new Mouthful mode that will let him achieve extraordinary new attacks. Nintendo Switch Sports includes several sports, including tennis, bowling, soccer, badminton, and more. We are also getting a new Metroid Dread update to give pro players a more challenging experience.

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