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Fuji’s Instax Wide 400 gets the bigger picture

Fed up of breaking out the magnifying glass to enjoy the photos your instant camera spits out? That’s not an issue for the Fujifilm Instax Wide 400: this fresh-faced take on a point-and-shoot classic uses Instax Wide film, which is twice the size of a standard Instax print.

The camera replaces the venerable Instax Wide 300, which has been doing the rounds for a decade now. It brings a bunch of helpful additions and a pared-back design – but it remains about twice the size of Fuji’s more compact Instax offerings. There’s just one colour on offer now: sage green, which neatly compliments the Instax Mini 12‘s pastel hues.

New additions include a self-timer, with an LED countdown that gives a twelve second window to get yourself in the frame. The bundled strap now comes with two plastic chocks that can prop up the camera at an angle, saving you from lugging a tripod around with you.

Like before, you can choose from two focus ranges (there’s no autofocus), while a clip-on attachment lets you shoot close-ups from as little as 40cm away. It also has a built-in mirror to help selfie snappers avoid lopping off any heads with their framing.

Automatic exposure and flash control should make impromptu snaps a little more consistent than a more manual instant camera, whether you’re outdoors or in low-lit interior environments.

The Fujifilm Instax Wide 400 goes on sale on July 12, for $150/£130. Twin packs of Instax Wide film (which contain 10 shots each) should set you back around $20/£17.

A refreshed Instax Mini Liplay is also on the way. The hybrid instant camera finally gains USB-C charging – meaning you’ll have one less gadget to keep those old micro-USB cables around for – and firmware updates can now be uploaded from a smartphone companion app, instead of via the microSD card.

Otherwise it’s the same deal as before: a 5MP digital sensor up front, a 2.7in LCD display around back, and Instax Mini prints spat out the side.

You’ll be able to get one in Matcha Green, Misty White or Deep Bronze colours from July 19, for $170/£150.

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