FulcrumAir Installs 1,500 Hen Flight Diverters Utilizing Drones to Defend Vitality Infrastructure and Avian Wildlife

FulcrumAir has created a unique drone design that diverts birds from powerlines, protecting both energy infrastructure and Avian wildlife. The company has announced the installation of more than 1,500 Power Line Sentry Hawk Eye Bird Flight Diverters (BFDs) under a pilot program for Atlantic City Electric, which serves about 560,000 customers across southern New Jersey. The work was done by FulcrumAir, working in collaboration with MJ Electric, in South Jersey on five transmission lines in high-risk bird collision areas. BFDs are installed on overhead wires where there is a risk of avian mortality and power outages due to bird strikes.

What should the design of a bird diverter include? FulcrumAir’s BFD specifications:
-Bird flight diverter for 1.10″ – 1.60″ (27.9mm – 40.6mm) diameter conductor
-Large surface area of ​​reflective material
-Fluorescent prismatic yellow bands are mirrored to effectively reflect light
-24-hour glow-in-the-dark white band
-A-frame shape for maximum visibility from all angles
-Durable rubber hose cradles the conductor without pinching, grinding, or causing damage
-No mechanical components to potentially fail
-Low wind and ice load, data available upon request
-Concentrated load data for PLS-CADD, available upon request
-Rated for systems up to 345 kV

By adopting the innovative drone-based installation technology developed by FulcrumAir, energy companies can implement Avian Protection Programs in a new way. Road closures are no longer required to accommodate bucket trucks, helicopters are no longer required, and power outages no longer need to be taken. For more details on FulcrumAir’s bird diversion solutions, visit its website here.

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