The best phone ring lights of 2024: Expert recommended

I’ve owned a few Lumecube products as part of my photography and video kit for years. The company has a great reputation regarding not only light quality but also build quality that’s built for the long haul in a content creator’s career. The Cordless Ring Light Pro is a great option from the company. 

This cordless light has a professional build quality aimed at photographers and videographers, with a subtle nod to content creators using their smartphones. The device comes with an adjustable smartphone clamp that works well in landscape and portrait modes. The actual light fixture produces beautiful diffused light at many brightness and color temperature levels. This is important, as you can change the “mood” of your shot based on brightness level and color temperature. Standard 5600K color temperature is ideal for creating a natural daylight look, but adjusting hues to tungsten can be another way to create a warmer, moody shot.

When using this ring light from Lumecube, you cannot vlog on the go, as the kit is connected to a standard light stand you’d find in a studio setting. The kit is portable but not necessarily ideal for run-and-gun capture of typical vlogging. But if you’re creating a flat lay or top-down production shot, the Ring Light Pro will allow you to angle the light for perfectly flat lighting in a top-down orientation. This helps with minimizing shadows on your product. At $279 the Cordless Ring Light Pro may be a bit pricey for new creators. But seasoned content creators will find great value in the price considering what’s offered with this kit. 

Lumecube Cordless Ring Light Pro features: Pro-grade build quality | USB-A rechargeable interface | Adjustable brightness modes and color temperature

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