DJI drones for spraying vegetation now out there internationally

The DJI Plant Spray Drones Agras T30 and T10 are now available internationally.

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian Crosby

DJI, the industry leader in civil drones and aerial photography technology, makes its Agras T30 and T10 agricultural drones available in over 100 other countries. Developed in collaboration with farmers, the Agras T30 and T10 make precision farming from the air more accessible and convenient.

DJI’s new flagship for digital agriculture, the Agras T30, has a 30 liter spray tank and a payload of the spreading system of up to 40 kg. With 16 nozzles and a spray range of 9 meters, the T30 improves the efficiency of spraying from the air and can cover up to 40 hectares in one hour. It also features a carbon fiber composite hull with a one-key locking arm design that, when folded, helps reduce volume by 80%.

The Agras T10 is compact but powerful, with an 8 liter spray tank and a spray width of up to 5 meters that can cover up to 15 hectares per hour. Its robust and reliable folding truss structure enables convenient transport and quick deployment

Both models are built with an emphasis on flight safety and feature spherical radar systems that scan the environment in all environments and weather conditions. Obstacle avoidance systems and adaptive flight functions help further ensure safety in flight, and dual FPV cameras provide clear front and rear views with a searchlight that doubles night vision capabilities.

DJI sprayers and much more for precision agriculture

Users can perform cloud-based mapping of orchard and farmland scenarios through the Smart Agriculture Cloud Platform. The platform’s AI detection system can patrol fields, identify growth, monitor disease or pests, and efficiently monitor agricultural conditions. In conjunction with the DJI P4 Multispectral, users can apply solutions based on specific variables according to an automatically generated farmland default map.

An updated remote control for T30 and T10 supports stable image transmission from a distance of up to 5 km. A 5.5-inch high-brightness screen offers a clear view, even in bright light. A single controller can control multiple drones at the same time.

A high-precision RTK positioning module enables operations planning at centimeter level as well as stronger signaling, interference suppression and operational stability. The new DJI Agriculture app enables smoother and more intuitive operation.

Both models use a newly developed smart battery that is covered by a 1,000 charge or 1 year warranty. This long service life significantly reduces operating costs. The intelligent charging hub can fully charge a battery in 10 minutes, so the T30 and T10 can be operated continuously with just two batteries and a charger.

The models are built with long-term service in mind. With three layers of protection over critical components, the T30 and T10 have an IP67 rating and provide the protection necessary for regular use of liquid fertilizer and exposure to dust and corrosion.

At the height of the pandemic, DJI worked internationally with authorities to modify the DJI plant spraying drones to disinfect large areas.

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