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The Quantum TWS from JBL are wi-fi gaming earphones for immersive sound on the go

Massive doses could make for successful listening, but huge headphones aren’t the subtlest way to play away from home. Would you like to absorb audio without the heavy headgear? The new Quantum TWS earphones from JBL offer surround sound in one handy package.

The JBL Buds are no bigger than a standard set of true wireless in-ears and offer QuantumSurround smarts for immersive in-game sound. Connected via Bluetooth or the included USB-C dongle, the TWS immerse your noggin in spatial sound and use adaptive noise cancellation to prevent the chatter of passers-by from keeping you from your game.

Playing while walking is a one-way card for lamppost encounters, but at least Ambient Aware mode can help you avoid louder hazards and filter outside noise as you see fit. Do you need to speak to your team? Six beamforming microphones ensure that the whole clan hears you clearly – and everyone else on the bus.

Eight hours of battery life should get you through the longest of skirmishes, while the charging case will keep you going for another 16 hours. You can also adjust the Quantum TWS sound settings via the JBL Headphones app for a more ear-friendly EQ profile.

The lightweight, sweat-resistant, low-latency tabs support up to two connections at the same time, so you can switch seamlessly between your smartphone and switch – or transfer them to your PC or PS5 at home.

Are you ready to upgrade your cell phones? With delivery in spring, you can add the JBL Quantum TWS to your roaming rig for € 149.

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