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Chipolo’s new Bluetooth tracker is the AirTags rival Android homeowners have been ready for

If you’re always losing your items, a Bluetooth tracker would help solve your problems. Or at least help you find whatever you use. Apple’s AirTags are among the best options, with Find My technology that lets any iPhone in the world ping its location securely. Google recently came out with similar software, called Find My Device. And Chipolo’s new Point tracker works perfectly with it, making this tracker the best choice of Android users.

Chipolo and Google have partnered up on the Point tracker, aiming to ensure that the Android brigade can now keep tabs on their worldly possessions with precision. This newfangled crowdsourced network contains over a billion Android devices, all of which privately ping your tracker to work out where it is. The Chipolo Point is on a mission to ensure your keys and wallet are never out of sight for too long.

The Chipolo One Point and Card Point not only come loaded with the basic “find my stuff” function, but plenty of extras. These trackers pack a loud ring that you can hear from a distance. It can blare out a siren up to 120dB or 105dB, depending on the model. Their battery lives would make the Energizer Bunny jealous, stretching between one and two years. Plus, there’s resistance to water that’d make a duck look twice with IPX5 protection. They’re even designed to fit snugly onto your keyring or slip into your wallet without bulking it up. Chipolo’s latest trackers come in a rather fetching shade of off-white that looks familiar for a Bluetooth trackers.

Looking for a Bluetooth tracker that’ll play nice with your Android smartphone? The Chipolo One Point and Card Point are available to pre-order now directly from the brand. Expect these trackers to start shipping after 27 May.

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