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The Fathom earphones from Campfire Audio are a number of the best-looking round

While wireless earbuds are usually more popular, you can get better audio quality when going wired. And this new set from Campfire Audio doesn’t just sound good, it looks good too. The Fathom earphones are some of the best looking earphones around, with an aluminium shell and shaped design.

Campfire Audio‘s Fathom earphones are a love letter to audiophiles. They tuck six custom-made balanced armatures inside, delivering a detailed soundstage that’s as warm as a British pub in the winter. The vocal performance has been elevated, so voices will sound more natural than ever. Audiophile tuning? Check. A driver configuration that covers the entire frequency range? Double-check. Campfire Audio promises to deliver a sound so true to the original recording, you might find yourself checking your surroundings for hidden musicians.

Now, let’s talk looks because these aren’t your run-of-the-mill, plastic fantastic earbuds. The Fathom earphones are encased in a black anodised aluminium shell that’s sleek and refined. Rainbow PVD fasteners catch light in such a way that they’ll make a peacock jealous. Comfort hasn’t taken a back seat, either. The shape and contours of these earphones have been refined for your listening pleasure. You can bliss out for hours without your ears throwing a tantrum.

The Fathom earphones offer a frequency response that spans from the sub-bass to the limits of human hearing. There’s also a low THD to keep things as clean as a whistle. Plus, you get all the accessories you didn’t know you needed. You get two silver-plated copper conductor cables that’ll keep you covered, plus a leather case to keep the earphones safe. And you can pick from a bevy of ear tips to a cleaning tool and even a lapel pin – because, why not?

Fancy sticking earphones in your lugs that look as good as they sound? The Campfire Audio Fathom earphones are available for $1049/£1049. You can snag these earphones from third-party distributors such as Audiologica.

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