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Spin E-Scooter listed on the market on Fb in Colchester

The Colchester e-scooter trial is investigating after a member of the public advertised one of its vehicles for sale on social media.

A post appeared on the Facebook marketplace promoting the e-scooter for sale for £ 40.

The logo of Spin, the company that runs the Department of Transportation’s process in Colchester and other parts of Essex, is clearly visible on the scooter.

The ad seen by the Gazette says the vehicle is “not working” but describes it as “like new”.

Spin e-scooters will not work without the driver first having completed a training course. They can then rent the vehicle with an app for a fee.

A Spin spokesman said the company had been informed of the ad by vigilant members of the public.

“We were made aware of a Facebook ad by several members of the public showing a photo of one of our spin e-scooters in a public space and being offered for sale,” he said.

“Our e-scooters only work under the Department of Transportation’s test rental program, which Spin operates at four locations in Essex and Milton Keynes. They are not for sale.

“In such cases we will work closely with the police.”

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Spin started its trial in Colchester in late February.

The e-scooters have an orange logo so that they can be easily recognized by privately owned scooters.

This is because only spin scooters rented as part of the process are legal on Essex streets and private scooters are illegal except on private land.

The scooters can be operated at a maximum speed of 24 km / h.

Earlier this month, one of the Spin-Scooter days after the trial started was found dumped in town in Clacton.

The company has warned the public not to abuse the scooters and stated that those caught leaving will be banned.

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