Gotek 14” Laptop computer & iPad Professional Sleeve With Foldable Stand


Gotek Laptop & iPad Pro Sleeve With Foldable Stand – lightweight and convenient, it is slim but provides great protection for your computer. It will make your digital nomad life easy and more organized: Apple Pencil holder, mouse pad, and the most convenient sturdy foldable laptop stand to give your wrists, neck, and eyes some convenient angle to work.

Made of premium quality scratch-proof vegan leather with a luxury caviar finish it is perfectly suitable for any laptop from 12” to 14” and comes in 3 colors to suit any taste and style.

  • Multifunctional design. Laptop stand, laptop sleeve & mousepad
  • Anti-slip design. Built w/ magnetic flap cover to prevent the laptop from slipping
  • Ultra-protective case. Made of premium quality scratch-proof vegan leather
  • Integrated mouse pad. Allows you to use the mouse in a variety of complex environments w/ ease & comfort
  • Apple pencil holder & accessory pouch. Added feature to hold your Apple pencil & cards for convenient storage
  • Ergonomic design. Raised screen keeps your head from bending down, so that neck, shoulders & cervical spine feels more comfortable


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