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Get to know if that scratch is a regular itch, or something more. Uncover what could be causing your dog’s discomfort, from environmental sensitivities to food intolerances, to common cleaning and household products. You’ll also get food recommendations based on your pup’s unique allergies. Plus, find tips to give your pet the best care.


  • Accurate report: Reveals elements impacting your pet’s health & comfort
  • Protein-based intolerance & sensitivity test: Identifies protein-based intolerances and sensitivities in your pet
  • Scientifically recognized: Utilizes scientifically recognized methods for analysis
  • Complete report on reactive items: Provides a comprehensive report on everything your dog may react to
  • Simple sample collection: Offers easy-to-follow instructions for collecting your dog’s oral sample
  • Quick turnaround: Delivers a full report within 2 to 3 weeks
  • Wide range of allergens covered: Examines over 100 allergens, including food, environmental, and household items
  • Cost-effective solution: Saves money on expensive special diets and necessary medications



What you’ll discover with Canine Allergy Test

  • Food intolerances

  • Environmental sensitivities

  • Household allergens

  • Customized food recommendations

  • Actionable, easy-to-read report

Allergens we test 

Scratch that itch and learn everything about your pet’s sensitivities. We lay out the environmental factors, household products and foods that cause irritation and allergic reactions in your pup. Learn more here. 

How the test works

  1. Fetch. Order your test kit and register it online.
  2. Sit & Swab. Take your pup’s sample.
  3. Wait. Send it back to us and wait for your results.




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