AIR PLUS 80 Air Air purifier



The AIR PLUS 80 Air Purifier is equipped with 5 stage filter technology that is scientifically engineered to clean the air better than ever, capturing more than 98.98% of air contaminants. With a 360 degree rotating inlet, it can be placed anywhere in the room for a full corner to corner air cleaning and odor elimination in any room up to 150 square feet. When paired with the Activated Carbon Screen, hair, dust, allergens, and pollen are trapped and the contaminants are eliminated, reducing any odors. Put an end to coughing, sneezing, and itchy nose by eliminating allergens in the air.

  • 5 Stage Filter Technology. Scientifically engineered to clean air better than ever
  • 360° Rotating Inlet. For full corner to corner air cleaning & odor elimination
  • UV Layer + Activated Carbon Screen. Eliminates hair, dust, allergens & pollen
  • 3 Speed Adjustment. Choose the right one according to your purification needs
  • Compact, Quiet Design. Perfect to keep next to your bed for all night purification


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