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Happylife Book Summaries is your go-to hub for concise and engaging summaries of the world’s most impactful nonfiction books. Dive into an ocean of wisdom on topics ranging from Productivity and Self-Growth to Business, Leadership, and more, all while saving time and effort.


More than just a book summary app, Happylife is your gateway to personal growth and fulfillment. Dive into concise 15-minute summaries from the world’s best nonfiction books, available in both text and audio formats narrated by professional voice actors.


Engage with Happylife by:

  • Immersing in daily insights and motivational widgets
  • Maintaining learning streaks to expand your knowledge continuously
  • Receiving personalized recommendations tailored to your interests
  • Exploring curated collections handpicked to match your preferences
  • Utilizing the spaced repetition feature to retain key facts and insights effectively

Why Choose Happylifes Library?

  • Thousands of Books, Podcasts, and Ted Talks: Explore a vast collection, spanning various topics and genres. From society and tech to personal development—there’s a summary for everyone
  • Daily Insights: Start your day with thought-provoking insights and widgets tailored for continuous self-growth
  • High-Quality Content: Trust in Happylife’s international team of writers, editors, and voice actors to distill the best parts of every book
  • Self-Growth Challenges: Enhance various areas of your life and skills with challenges on Success, Wealth, Healthy Relationships, Modern Parenting, Self-Confidence, Emotional Intelligence, and more
  • Highly Personalized Approach: Each piece of content is tailored to your goals and needs for a fun and uniquely customized journey to success
  • Only Proven Sources of Ideas: Titles from reputable sources like The New York Times Bestsellers and Amazon Bestsellers to ensure you receive the highest quality insights

Book summaries library

Discover bite-sized nonfiction book summaries tailored for the curious mind, providing invaluable insights and timeless wisdom in just 15 minutes. Are you ready to unlock the secrets to a happier, more fulfilling life? Start your journey to Happylife today! 

Book categories include:


Popular podcasts on the go

Get quick podcast episode highlights in under 10 minutes. In addition to book summaries, Happylife also features and produces summaries of popular podcasts weekly, including Lex Fridman and Ted Talks. Enjoy recaps of impactful topics and insights from experts on the go, and embark on a continuous learning journey with Happylife.


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