Vantis expands mission and operations

Vantis, the nationwide network for unmanned aerial vehicle systems (UAS) in North Dakota, is expanding and with it the drone ecosystem in North Dakota.

North Dakota has invested heavily in the drone ecosystem and has poured significant funds and resources into the drone business. Vantis is the first nationwide UAS network outside the country’s line of sight (BVLOS): the Grand Sky business and aviation park is another important element of the drone ecosystem. Grand Sky is an industrial park specially designed for the drone industry – the perfect place to test new hardware and applications. “Grand Sky is strategically located at Grand Forks Air Force Base, North Dakota and is a hub for UAS flight testing, training and development activities.”

Now the new Vantis Mission and Network Operations Center (MNOC) will be located in the Grand Sky business and aviation park. “The MNOC is an integral part of Vantis. As the name suggests, it is the focus of securely monitoring and managing network operations, coordinating and supporting customers, reporting performance and security data, and other key functions, ”the press release said.

“The MNOC is an integral part of Vantis’ infrastructure,” said Nicholas Flom, executive director of the UAS proving ground in Northern Plains that oversees Vantis. “We are putting together all of the technology necessary to achieve our lofty goals. So when a remote physical infrastructure is deployed, the MNOC is ready to connect the network.”

MNOC staff validate operator and unmanned aircraft information, confirm operating permits, authorize access to information, and review documentation, training and credentials. During the flight, they oversee flight operations and manage contingent liabilities as needed. They also check flight completions and store operational data.

“It really is the command center for the entire network,” said Jim Cieplak, Vantis program manager. “The MNOC will be an integral part of coordinating flights and ensuring safety and couldn’t be in a better place.”

About Vantis
Vantis is North Dakota’s Nationwide Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Beyond Line of Sight (BVLOS), the first of its kind in the nation. Founded by North Dakota with an initial investment in 2019, Vantis provides turnkey support to commercial and public UAS operators through infrastructure and regulatory approvals that enable applications and ease of use in a wide variety of industries. Visit VantisUAS.com for more information.

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