Transportable Handheld Pocket LCD Microscope with 4″ Display screen


No more having to look at the lens barrel with your eyes. The Andonstar’s built-in 4″ screen can present the micro-world in front of your eyes more clearly and intuitively directly. It features 2MP, 1080FHD picture quality and 80x more magnification with 8 adjustable LED lights. With a built-in 2,000mah rechargeable battery, you can take this digital microscope anywhere to observe lovely plants. The AD203 microscope weighs only 220g and comes with a wrist strap and a carrying bag. Even children can easily put it in their pockets and take it for outdoor adventures.

  • 4″ LCD screen. Displays the micro-world more clearly & intuitively directly
  • 2,000mAh rechargeable battery. Take the digital microscope anywhere
  • High resolution & magnification. 2MP, 1080FHD picture quality, 80x more magnification with built-in 8 adjustable LED lights
  • Portable. Lightweight at only 220g & comes with a wrist strap & a carrying bag
  • microSD card support. Easily take & store the images or videos of the micro-world you observe
  • For PC & Mac

    • Connect AD203 to the computer via USB, download the Amcap software for Windows
    • Use the Photo Booth of iMac/MacBook or download the WebCam Monitor program for Mac
  • For kids & adults alike. Children can explore the natural world while adults can use it as a coin microscope or soldering microscope


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