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This Philips air fryer has two baskets and might deal with a household meal

For many, an air fryer is the kitchen gadget they never knew they needed until they put one on their countertop. Now, they can’t imagine living without. It churns out guilt-free chips, chicken, and even cake. But you can only cook what you can cram in there, right? Fortunately, Philips’ latest air fryer can squeeze in an entire family meal. How? Thanks to its dual baskets and 9L total capacity.

Philips‘ latest air fryer is the 3000 Series Dual Air Fryer. With a hefty 6L basket for your main showstoppers and a daintier 3L sidekick for those side dishes or solo adventures, it’s ready to cater to the whole family (or just you). Fancy a full traybake or a 1.5kg chicken for dinner? The larger basket has got you covered. And this particular air fryer will make sure your culinary creations are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, thanks to Philips’ patented RapidAir technology.

Gone are the days of poking your food with a fork to see if it’s done. The Philips 3000 Series air fryer comes equipped with an intuitive display. On top of this, it offers eight simple presets on a touchscreen that magically eliminate the guesswork from cooking. And because Philips knows that timing is everything, cooking times are synchronised across both drawers. So, your mains and sides will be ready to hit the table at the same time – no more cold chips!

And because Philips doesn’t just leave you with a fancy new toy without any instructions. The brand threw in a bunch of mouth-watering recipes specifically designed for the 3000 Series in the Philips HomeID app. So, whether you’re a culinary genius or someone who struggles to boil water, this air fryer is bound to make you look like a pro.

Dressed to impress in sleek silver and gold colourways, the Philips Airfryer 3000 Series Dual Basket is not just a pretty face. It’s priced at a wallet-friendly £180, and is available from John Lewis and Currys. And, for a limited time, you can snag this kitchen must-have for just £140.

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