Drone First Responder Coaching: Unveiling Rise DFR Village

Launching the Future of Public Safety: The Rise DFR Village Test Site Initiative

In a major step forward for drone technology integration into public safety, Skyfire Consulting has unveiled the Rise DFR Village. Situated in Huntsville, Alabama, this unique facility spans over 2000 acres and has been designated by the FAA as a test site. It is dedicated to advancing Drone First Responder (DFR) programs for public safety agencies, military and Department of Defense entities, critical infrastructure bodies, and the private sector.

Matt Sloane, the founder and CEO of Skyfire, emphasized the facility’s importance in enhancing public safety operations through drones. “Rise DFR Village represents a significant leap forward in the integration of drones into public safety operations, and Skyfire is grateful for the support of the Huntsville International Airport and the City of Huntsville,” Sloane stated. He highlighted the village’s role in offering a realistic training environment and fostering collaboration with industry leaders, aiming to maximize the potential of life-saving drone technology.

The Rise DFR Village is designed to deliver an unmatched training experience, preparing first responders for various real-world operations. The facility features realistic training scenarios across urban, rural, and disaster-affected environments. It also boasts collaboration with leading drone manufacturers and software developers, ensuring access to the latest drone technologies. A key aspect of the training focuses on integrating DFR operations into existing public safety workflows, aiming to streamline and enhance response efforts.

The facility’s comprehensive approach and collaboration with industry giants such as BRINC, Parrot, AirData, DroneSense, Motorola (CAPE), Echodyne, DeDrone, the Huntsville Police Department, and the University of Alabama Huntsville, underline its commitment to revolutionizing public safety through drones. Rise DFR Village is not just a training ground but a hub for innovation and adoption of drone technology in critical response operations.

Additionally, a segment of Rise DFR Village will be showcased at the second annual Future Proof DFR & Airspace Awareness Summit from May 8-10, highlighting the facility’s capabilities and innovations in drone technology. The summit is an opportunity for public safety and military/DOD personnel to engage with the latest in drone and counter-drone operations, with free tickets available to these sectors.

Drone First Responders are at the forefront of transforming public safety, offering improved situational awareness, faster response times, and enhanced capabilities in search and rescue, firefighting, hazardous material identification, and law enforcement support.

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