The 2024 Full Presentation & Public Talking Bundle


25 Presentation Guides Introduction (What, Why & How of this ACT)2:42

Award Speech Guide

Board Meeting Speech Guide

Corporate Presentation Guide

Conference Opening Speech Guide

Crisis or Delivering Bad News Speech Guide

Customers Presentation to Guide

Condolences or Eulogy Speech Guide

Graduation Keynote Speech Guide

Graduation Speech I Gave in May of 2017 @ San Francisco State University17:33

Group Presentation Speech Guide

Guest Lecturing/Teaching Speech Guide

Introduce a Speaker Guide

Job Interview Speech Guide

MC / Moderator Speech Guide

Motivating Speech for Sports+Companies+Charities etc Guide

Panel Speech Guide

Raising $ / Discussing a Business Model Speech Guide

Retiring from (or Leaving) the Company Speech Guide

Sales Speech Guide

Skype/Other Online Presentations Guide

Surprise…“Can You Say a Few Words [No Preparation!]” Guide

TEDx Talk Speech Guide

Toasting Speech Guide

Wedding (Bride or Groom) Speech Guide

Wedding (Maid of Honor or Best Man) Speech Guide

Wedding (Parent/Family Member/Friend) Speech Guide


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