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Reach New Heights with Amalfi Electric Bikes

Biking has never been this fun and safe! The Amalfi Electric Bicycle is the perfect electric cruiser for the everyday rider. Its design is made of safety features, such as a carbon belt, internal gear hub, and dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes, to help you avoid road danger without having a high degree of maintenance. Its rechargeable lithium battery allows for a quicker ride where you can check speed and battery using its LED screen. You can also charge your cellphone while on the go with its built-in USB. Now, you can hit the streets faster without worry, stress, and frustration!



Effortless riding experience with premium comfort

  • Safe & fast e-bike features

    • Carbon belt. Lasts up to 3-5 times longer than a chain drive; requires no messy lubrication hun motor
    • Internal gear hub. Keeps gears completely safe from the grime & dirt
    • Dual piston hydraulic disc brakes. Protects your safety at all
    • Deluxe belt chain. Keeps e-bike running without a high degree of maintenance
    • High-quality premium seat. For improved comfort & performance
    • Brushless high-speed motor. Helps improve your speed
  • Middle control feature. Connects cellphone app with lock & Bluetooth
  • 80% assembled. Ready to hit the streets faster & stress-free

Fast charging & tech integration

  • Rechargeable lithium battery. Charges in 2-6 hours via standard wall outlet
  • Built-in USB. Allows riders for phone charging
  • LED screen display. Shows speed & battery life

Big brand partners

  • Shimano Rear Hubs & Discs
  • CST Tires & Shifter
  • Zoom Seatpost


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