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Skill Success

SkillSuccess | 3,000+ carefully curated online video courses
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SkillSuccess is the hub to learn any skill on your own time, at your own pace. Take your learning anywhere you go on any device including your computer, TV, tablet, or mobile phone. SkillSuccess provides 3,000+ carefully curated and organized online video courses on different categories: from business to lifestyle. Their support team is at your service with a click of a button. Emails answered quickly and live chat standing by. Learn from the experts, earn your skill certificate and share your feedback.

LinCademy | Training Courses, Programs Publisher

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LinCademy creates and delivers e-courses that develop, enhance and promote selected skill sets on topics related to professional development, career and competency development, and business.

LinCademy is one of the Production lines of Crafty E-learning Ltd. that’s specialized in the development and delivery of training courses/programs and e-books. Its key purpose is to develop training courses/programs of high quality by following and using the latest principles and technologies of e-learning.


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