Restoration Equipment: 4-Piece House Health Set


Looking to improve your fitness routine? This recovery set is a must-have for any professional or beginner, providing essential tools to keep you in the groove. With 4 pieces included, this kit is ideal for beginners and pros alike. Beginners may be intimidated by yoga equipment but don’t let that stop you from taking an interest in your health and wellness. The Yoga Roller will activate the entire body following a workout, helping you recover faster and feel more confident about your abilities as a practitioner. The Yoga Strap will allow you to achieve new feats of strength through stretches that are essential to your practice. The kit also includes a cooling towel as well as a massage roller.

Yoga Roller

  • Post workout. An ideal accessory to yoga & weightlifting
  • Rugged solid 3D bumps. Help with muscle recover & pain relief on hard-to-reach body parts
  • Medium density. Ensures fast, safe rolling that will have you feeling rested, limber, & ready to return to your routine
  • Super compact. Highly portable, easily fits into your purse or gym bag

Yoga Strap

  • Enhances yoga practice. Allows you to bridge the gap in certain poses while increasing flexibility & alignment
  • Stretching. Allows you to extend & enhance your grip and achieve important stretches whether you’re a pro or a beginner

Massage Roller

  • Ergonomic design. Ensures a comfortable, safe & effective pre-workout or post-workout experience
  • Perfect for arms & lower legs. Address tightness or soreness in arms and calves with a soothing massage that you can give to yourself anywhere

Cooling Towel

  • Peak performance. Stay cool during & after the most intense or hot yygoa sessions
  • Multipurpose design. Shields from the sun & wicks away sweat


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