KODA LED Power Failure Nightlight / Flashlight (3-pack)


The KODA LED Power Failure Night Light is a multi-purposed LED Light designed with you in mind. Equipped with a motion sensor and dark-detection feature, allowing you to know that you are covered in case of a power outage. Unplug the light and fold in the retractable plug to convert the device to a portable flashlight. When the power goes out, the light turns on automatically for 3 hours of continuous use. Keep all three rechargeable LED power failure night lights plugged in around your home as a backup.

Use as a nightlight, an emergency light in a power outage, and portable flashlight.

The front panel lights up automatically to full brightness when the power fails.

Equipped with a motion sensor and dark-detection feature, keep the device connected to an outlet and use as nightlight that automatically brightens your home at dusk.

Unplug the device and convert it into a portable flashlight.


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