Explorer Bear 4000 Watts Portable Ultra-Quiet Dual Fuel Generator with CO Sentry by Pulsar


Power On The Go. Quite, Safe with Dual Fuel

The Explorer Bear generator packs a powerful punch with 4000 peak watts on gas and runs remarkably quiet at 62 dB – perfect for outdoor and contractor needs. It’s portable with a telescopic handle, operates on gas or propane, and includes a CO safety alert system. This reliable workhorse is powered by a 5.5HP 149cc 4-stroke high-speed engine, ideal for emergencies or immediate remote power.


Benefits of dual fuel


  • Dual Fuel: 4000 peak watts / 3200 running watts on gas and 3600 peak watts / 2800 running watts on propane
  • Multiple Options: Never be caught without power! The generator offers dual fuel compatibility. Switch between gas and propane with a convenient control panel dial, even while running
  • Longer intervals for service: Burning clean propane leaves no residue which extends the life of the engine,ignition and fuel delivery system



Built-in safeguards for peace of mind


  • Overload protection: Prevents damage by automatically shutting down if the generator is overloaded
  • Short Circuit Protection: Shields your generator from electrical surges and shorts
  • Low Oil Shutdown: Keeps the engine safe by automatically stopping when oil levels fall too low
  • CO Sensor: Ensures your safety by alerting you to dangerous carbon monoxide levels



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