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Is this the best value home security camera you can get?

There are plenty of security cameras to pick from. It’s super easy to stick a smart security watcher around your home, and most don’t require any wiring. But if you’re fully covering your gaff, things can get pretty pricey. Lots of smart security cameras go for £50+ each. Blink might have had one of the cheapest cameras around, but this new IMOU offering might be the best value around. It’s even cheaper at £34, has a higher 2K QHD resolution, and plenty more to offer.

With the Cell 3C, you get effortless installation – no complicated wiring or professional setup needed. Installation is as simple as switching on, connecting to your Wi-Fi, and mounting it in a suitable spot. The real kicker? It offers an extended battery life that can last up to 120 days on a single charge. Plus, it comes with a built-in solar panel, making the camera ideal for outdoor spots without power outlets. IMOU reckons it can power the camera for 24 hours after 2 hours of sunlight.

The Cell 3C’s 2K QHD resolution means you’ll capture every detail, and its intelligent full-colour night vision adapts to various lighting conditions. This ensures clear images even when it’s pitch black outside. Whether it’s a squirrel in your garden or a dodgy character lurking about, you’ll see it all in crisp clarity. You can choose from four night vision modes, including a Smart Mode that activates spotlights upon motion detection, helping conserve battery life. Whether you opt for full-colour, infrared, or no lights, the quality remains top-notch.

Weatherproof? Absolutely. With an IP66 rating, the Cell 3C laughs in the face of rain, dust, and whatever else Mother Nature throws at it. These cameras are also equipped with effective passive infrared (PIR) sensors for human detection, reducing false alarms from pets or weather. Once a human target is detected, a notification is sent to your smartphone, ensuring immediate awareness of potential threats.

Beyond the key features, IMOU offers flexible storage options (including SD cards and cloud storage), event replay for real-time monitoring, customizable working modes, active deterrence with a built-in siren and spotlight, digital privacy protection, and even time-lapse video capture.

Now, the best part: the price. The IMOU Cell 3C camera is priced at just £34 and will be up for grabs on Amazon from June. The camera starts shipping in August. So, if you’re in the market for the best value security camera, the Cell 3C might just be your new best mate.

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