GrillEye® Max Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Wired Instant-Read Thermometer


GrillEye® Max is the First Instant, Ultra-Precise Smart Thermometer for Your Grill or Smoker!

The GrillEye® Hyperion app, together with GrillEye® Max, introduces you to the world of unattended perfection.

Free yourself from the kitchen or backyard, and let the GrillEye® Hyperion app monitor your food. When it’s ready, you’ll receive a notification on your smart device. This way, you can prepare the best food for your beloved, without losing a moment with them.


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Rugged durability & user-friendly design

  • Drop-resistant: Built to withstand accidental drops & bumps
  • 360° rotating body: For flexible positioning & easy viewing from any angle while cooking
  • Strong magnetic mount: Securely attaches to metal surfaces for convenient hands-free operation

Efficient connectivity & long-lasting power

  • USB type-C connectivity: For fast & reliable charging
  • Rechargeable battery:For eco-friendly & cost-effective power
  • All-day battery life: Offers up to 23 hours of use with a screen-saving option enabled

Smart control monitoring

  • GrillEye® Max and GrillEye® Hyperion app: Access advanced features & monitoring capabilities through this intuitive app
  • USDA-ready presets: Pre-programmed settings complaint with USDA guidelines
  • Custom timer with alarm: Set personalized timers with audible alarms to notify you when your food is ready

The GrillEye® Hyperion app

The Hyperion app, for iOS and Android, has been designed to be intuitive for users of all skill levels, using on-screen guides, setup wizards, probe placement tips, and complete support for blind & visually impaired individuals.

Supporting USDA and custom presets, time calculations for food readiness, graphs for multiple probes, recording of sessions, and personalized statistics, the Hyperion app is the most advanced app currently on the market.

With even more advanced features coming, and full support for the entire GrillEye ecosystem, GrillEye Hyperion will be the only app you will ever need for all your cooking and grilling adventures. Allowing you to control as many GrillEyes as you wish, from anywhere in the world, GrillEye Hyperion allows you to explore unlimited, stress-free options in any culinary endeavor!

Intuitive interface & cross-device compatibility

  • Supports Fahrenheit & celsius scale: Switch between temperature scales for easy temperature monitoring
  • Multi-language: Supports multiple languages for user interfaces
  • Compatible with iOS & Android devices: Seamlessly integrates with iOS & Android device for a user-friendly experience across different platforms

NOTE: GrillEye® Max can operate as a standalone device letting you monitor temperature readings through the device’s display. However, pairing it with the Hyperion app enables additional features such as remote monitoring, temperature tracking, and notifications, which can enhance its usability and convenience. The device needs to be paired with the phone for the initial onboarding on the app.

Accessible for blind and visually impaired individuals

GrillEye® Max has been redesigned from scratch to perfectly also assist Blind and Visually Impaired individuals


GrillEye® equals safety, evident by their certificates



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