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EpicRuler is an impressive set of design utility tools for Mac and Windows that provides measurement, guideline, and color picker tools for designers and front-end developers to improve and speed up their workflow. All the tools are quickly accessible through the menubar, from a hidable toolbar, or by using the customizable shortcuts. They work on your entire screen, over any app or image. EpicRuler also lets you create professional-looking screenshots with your measurements, colors, and comments so you can improve your design hand-off process and communicate design-specific issues clearly.

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  • Distance. Measure padding, margin, & whitespace between elements

  • Dimension. Measure the size of any object (width & height)

  • Position. Measure the absolute or relative position of any element


  • Horizontal Guideline. Align on-screen elements horizontally, along the x-axis

  • Vertical Guideline. Align on-screen elements vertically, along the y-axis


  • Pick Colors. Copy the RGB, HEX, HSL code of any color from your screen

  • Check contrast. Check the contrast between elements on your screen

  • Loupe. Inspect your layout’s alignment & highlight issues


  • Take professional-looking screenshots quickly & share them with your team or clients easily by drag & dropping them to any collaboration, project management, or email app
  • Take screenshots of your measurements to facilitate efficient design hand-off & design-related bug reporting
  • Add professional-looking comments quickly & forget those bad-looking red arrows and texts forever

More Features

  • Auto-contrast. The color of the tools automatically change based on the surface’s color, to keep them always well visible

  • Jump. Measure distance across multiple objects by using the arrow keys to jump to the next object’s edge

  • Zoom-level. Always get real measurement values by matching the zoom level of EpicRuler to your target app

  • Hold. Hold distance, dimension, position measurements, loupe, color codes on screen then take screenshots

  • Snap to edge. Measurement & guideline tools automatically snap to the edge of on-screen elements

  • Undo & redo The standard undo & redo shortcuts are supported, so you can quickly fix any accidental action


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