AILLTOPD C4 Portable Carpet Cleaner (New – Open Box)


Clean It All! Tackles Stains & Saves Time

A messy home is no match for the Ailltopd Carpet Cleaner! Its powerful 450W motor tackles deep stains with super suction, while the fast-drying system ensures carpets return to their normal state quickly. The separate 0.8L sewage and 1.08L clean water tanks make filling, draining, and cleaning easy. Plus, the included cleaning agent (dilute according to instructions) further enhances cleaning. This lightweight machine with a long hose and power cord offers portability, while the wires, hoses, and brush all have dedicated storage on the machine for compactness. It’s perfect for cleaning a variety of fabrics – sofas, mattresses, car seats, and more – with two brush sizes to target different stain areas. And the best part? This space-saving wonder weighs only 9.3 pounds and fits under sinks or in closets, leaving your home clean and your storage worries behind.


Deep Clean, Easy Use

  • Powerful Cleaning: High suction (450W motor) tackles deep stains (drinks, pet messes, dust) and dries carpets fast for a healthier home environment
  • Easy Maintenance: Separate dirty water (0.8L) and clean water (1.08L) tanks for easy filling, cleaning, and adding cleaning solution (dilute according to instructions)
  • Portable Design: Lightweight and portable with long hose (3.57ft) and power cord (16.4ft) for extended reach
  • Compact Storage: Dedicated storage for hoses, wires, and brush ensures neat organization
  • Versatile Cleaning: Cleans fabric furniture (sofas, mattresses, car seats) with two brush sizes to target different stains
  • Space-Saving: Compact and lightweight (9.3 lbs) for easy storage under sinks or in closets

What Does “Open Box” Mean?
This product is listed as a New Open Box item. New Open Box items are typically considered excess inventory from store shelves. They usually have assorted stickers on the packaging and have been exposed to customer contact. In addition, since most of these items have been returned from retail stores back to the warehouse, the packaging sometimes shows signs of extra handling. These products will go through verification that they are still in new condition and put in clean packaging. Product comes with a minimum 90-day warranty!




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