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DJI’s Sync Flight Data Feature Disablement Leads Pilots to AirData’s Alternativ

AirData UAV, a leader in drone flight data analytics, has announced continued support for seamless flight tracking for pilots and fleet managers who utilize DJI products. This announcement follows DJI’s decision to disable the “Sync Flight Data” feature to the DJI cloud in its flight apps in June and July of 2024.

DJI’s decision to disable this feature has prompted concerns among pilots who depend on it for tracking flight activity. In response, AirData UAV has stepped in with a range of alternative sync options that can be quickly integrated into existing workflows. This integration is facilitated by the AirData UAV mobile app, which automates uploads directly to AirData, bypassing the need for DJI cloud services.

“AirData’s automatic sync capabilities are designed to provide users with options,” said AirData CEO Eran Steiner. “While the DJI cloud sync goes away for US based pilots, AirData has a unique ability to replace the DJI cloud by syncing DJI flight logs directly from the local device to the AirData cloud. We are working to provide support for those who need help in this transition, please reach out to us to learn more.”

To assist users during this transition, AirData recently published a detailed blog post outlining the various technical solutions available to replace their use of the DJI cloud. This resource aims to ensure that customers can continue to manage their flight data effectively despite the changes.

AirData UAV is recognized as the largest online drone fleet data management and real-time flight streaming platform. Serving over 300,000 users and having processed 40 million flights to date, the platform is known for its comprehensive flight safety data analysis and crash prevention capabilities. It is widely used by large fleet operators globally for advanced maintenance, mission planning, pilot tracking, and user-friendly live streaming.

For more detailed information and support regarding the transition from DJI’s cloud sync, users are encouraged to visit the AirData blog at AirData Blog.

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