Belkin Wemo Smart Plug with Thread for Apple Home Kit


NOTE: This variant of Wemo WSP100 is for US.

Total Control Over Your Lights and Devices

The Wemo Smart Plug with Thread, WSP100 lets you control your electronic devices right from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer using Apple HomeKit.  The Wemo WSP100 uses Bluetooth and the new Thread technology to provide wireless control of lamps, fans, and more. Set schedules and timers, create rules, and control your plug. Simply plug the Wemo WSP100 into an electrical outlet then plug your device into it, and control your device using Apple HomeKit.

Features you’ll love

  • Control From Anywhere: Wirelessly control plugged-in devices from anywhere using Apple HomeKit, the Apple Home App on iPhone & iPad, or by using Siri
  • Simple Setup: With Apple HomeKit and NFC, setting up the smart outlet is easy. Just tap your unlocked iPhone on the smart plug, and follow the prompts to start controlling your smart home devices in seconds
  • Built with Thread: Thread technology allows smart home products to connect faster and more reliably than ever
  • Space-Saving Design: Fits right in with your smart home setup with its sleek, compact design that won’t get in the way of other wall sockets
  • Geofenching Capabilities: Uses virtual boundaries to trigger actions on your device when you enter or exit a specific location
  • Apple HomeKit Enabled: Designed to work with all HomeKit-enabled devices

What is Thread technology?

Thread is a technology that connects all the devices in your home using low-power mesh networking. It works by turning each device into an access point, creating a secure network. This technology is designed to be energy-efficient, making it particularly suitable for battery-powered devices like some doorbells, as they can operate for longer between charges.

  • Based on IEEE 802.15.4 Radio Standard: Provides extremely low power consumption and low latency
  • Encrypted & Secured: New devices need authorization to join the Thread network
  • Reliable: Thread networks are self-healing, with no single point of failure, and can reconfigure even with the failure or loss of individual devices or the addition of new devices
  • Scalable: The thread network can link more than 250 devices
  • Low-Power: Thread devices can operate for several years with battery power



  1. Works with Apple HomeKit only
  2. NOT Wi-Fi compatible
  3. No hub or bridge required


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