Armeator A1 Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer


Upgrade your Grilling Experience and Unlock Perfect Results Every Time

Master the art of grilling with the Armeator A1 Wireless Meat Thermometer, boasting lightning-fast read times up to 200% faster than competitors and ±1℃ accuracy for perfectly cooked meat every single time. Convenience meets control with a built-in LCD screen displaying temperature and battery level, a rechargeable battery lasting 72 hours on a single charge, and high ambient temperature resistance up to 572℉ for any grilling environment. Relax and enjoy with a wireless range of 229ft, allowing you to monitor your food from afar.


The Armeator A1 doesn’t stop there, one probe boasts two sensors, monitoring both internal meat temperature and ambient oven temperature simultaneously. You can set target temperatures for perfect doneness, receive real-time alerts when your food is ready, explore a digital meat catalog with recommended temperatures, and even cook different types of meat at different temperatures simultaneously.

Grill with ease 

  • Built-In LCD Screen: Displays temperature and battery level
  • Rechargeable Battery: Lasts 72 hours on a single charge (15 minutes)
  • High Ambient Temperature Resistance: Up to 572℉ for any grilling environment
  • Monitor from Afar: Wireless range of 229ft lets you monitor from afar

Smart features with the Armeator App

  • Set & Forget: Set target temperatures for perfect doneness
  • Real-Time Alerts: Get notified when your food is ready
  • Digital Meat Catalog: Find recommended temperatures for various meats
  • Multi-Dish Cooking: Cook different meats at different temperatures
  • One Probe, Two Sensors: Monitor internal meat temperature and ambient oven temperature simultaneously


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