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Anker’s new EverFrost is the good coolbox on the block

While coolers aren’t necessarily the most exciting gadget to have in your arsenal, Anker’s new cold-box might change your mind. The EverFrost powered cooler is an absolute beast of a coldbox, packing in plenty of tech to help keep your stuff cool.

Anker’s EverFrost boasts a high-efficiency cooling compressor, alongside a swanky seal and 50mm of insulation. Not only will this help keep your stuff cold for longer, it’ll also help to cool it down quicker. In fact, Anker recons it takes just half an hour for food and drinks to chill from a hot 25°C to a frosty 0°C. Pretty cool, right? And there’s plenty of room to store your stuff, with 33L, 43L, and 53L capacities available.

If you opt for the larger 53L EverFrost model, you’ll also be able to take advantage of dual zone cooling. That means you can keep food chilled and drinks frozen in the two compartments. On top of all this, it’s remarkably portable thanks to the suitcase style handles. While it may not be the best storage option for a plane, it can handle most outdoor terrain thanks to some rather sturdy 6-inch wheels on the bottom.

There’s plenty of other tech crammed into the EverFrost cooler as well. The top of the coolbox can extend into a mini table for you to enjoy your frosty goods. You can remove the battery, which also features two USB-A and one USB-C to juice up your other gadgets. And, you can control things from Anker’s companion app, such as temperature and power.

Currently, Anker has the EverFrost cooler running on Kickstarter. The brand plans to ship the coolbox from June 2023, but this might slip a little into the future. Regular pricing starts at $519, but you can currently grab the coolers from $439 thanks to an early-bird discount.

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