Subhilt Bowie Double Guard Knife


This beautiful Bowie knife is made in the traditional style with a sub hilt and double guard. Handcrafted from premium Damascus steel, this knife feels solid in your hands as you cut through tasks. The handle provides a comfortable grip for easy maneuverability. Whether hunting, camping, or backpacking, this knife is the perfect tool for roughing it outdoors.

  • Damascus steel. Forged using layers of high carbon steel & stainless steel
  • 58 HRC hardness. Folded & pounded to be harder and stronger
  • Distinctive handle. Provides a comfortable grip for easy maneuverability
  • Perfect tool. For hunting, camping, & survival


  1. Customers must be 18 years old+ to purchase
  2. This knife use high-carbon steels which is susceptible to rust if not properly cared for. Keeping them well oiled between uses will prevent oxidization. Rinse before use, wash and oil after use. We recommend using natural mineral oil
  3. Each knife is handmade meaning it will be exceptionally unique. No two are the same, so yours may differ slightly from the photos


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