Samsung is experimenting with the excellent digital camera trick of the iPhone 12 Professional Max

With the introduction of the iPhone 12 Pro Max last year, Apple also introduced a new camera technology known as sensor shift image stabilization. The latter is slated to find its way into the entire iPhone 13 series later this year. But Apple won’t be the only company with the boastful rights this year, as arch-rival Samsung is on the rise too. According to a report from GalaxyClub, Samsung is experimenting with sensor-shift image stabilization technology for one of its upcoming phones.

It is rumored that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is using the new stabilization technology

The report does not mention which phone is specific, but rather The most likely candidates at this point seem to be the Galaxy S22 Ultra or the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold3. What exactly is sensor shift image stabilization? Well, most smartphones use a technology called OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) that moves the lens elements to compensate for hand movements so users can take blurry photos and less shaky videos.

With the sensor shift image technology used in the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the camera sensor itself is moved using electrical actuators when the accelerometer detects shaky hand movements. In general, image stabilization with sensor shift is considered more effective than OIS, especially in situations with moderately poor lighting conditions. This technology is also available in professional cameras offered by Pentax and Olympus. Speaking of Olympus …

Something is boiling between Samsung and Olympus

Concept-based rendering of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (LetsGoDigital / Technizo Concept)

HUAWEI phones are branded with Leica cameras. VIVO has tied itself up in Zeiss. Most recently, OnePlus teamed up with Hasselblad for the OnePlus 9 series. Well, it looks like Samsung is partnering with a camera brand next, and in this case it happens to be Olympus. According to Leakster Yogesh (@heyitsyogesh), Samsung recently held talks with OlympusHowever, the current status of a partnership is not yet known. The well-known tidbit IceUniverse also mentioned a possible collaboration between Samsung and Olympus, citing a reliable source.

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