Greatest iPhone 12 case in 2021

While I started with an Apple iPhone 12, it was expanded with the larger iPhone 12 Pro Max, which convinced me that it was clearly the best phone for me, and arguably the best phone currently available. With Apple focusing on an annual release schedule for its flagship phones, case makers can offer a wide range of options to buyers during this period, and it’s rare for an iPhone to come out of a case.

The cases for the Apple iPhone 12 series vary widely in price, style, color and functionality – with cases to protect against the elements, basic skins to protect against scratches, MagSafe-compatible cases, custom case options and much more. I’ve spent time on a number of cases from at least eight manufacturers.

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In the past few weeks, I’ve had the chance to try Apple branded cases for the first time with full support for MagSafe, and I have to say that in the future I will definitely consider Apple cases as they are very well made and everyone has those small details optimized for users. Be sure to check out Jason Cipriani’s MagSafe accessory article for more than just cases.

Perfect fit, Apple colors and MagSafe support

Image: Apple

Sometimes it pays to buy cases from the same company that makes the phones, and when it comes to the Apple iPhone 12, you should seriously consider one of the options available in the Apple Store. I spent a couple of weeks with a Saddle Brown Leather iPhone Case, a Deep Navy iPhone Silicone Case, and a Product Red Leather Case.

The fit and finish is perfect with tactile buttons, optimized openings and soft microfiber lining inside to protect your iPhone from scratches. The MagSafe compatibility is great, especially with the minimalist leather wallet accessory.

The Apple silicone case is $ 49 and the leather case is just $ 10 more for $ 59. The leather-wrapped case costs $ 129 but includes a card slot and leather strap to take the iPhone with you.

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Personalize your iPhone 12 case and add fall protection

Casetify cases fit well, protect your phone, offer a wide range of color and texture options, and are easy to customize. You can enter up to 12 characters to customize your case with six fonts, four layouts, and 17 colors of your choice. There are also dozen of case colors for some models.

Fall protection is provided at different levels. In these cases, however, the focus is primarily on the ability to customize it to suit your preferences. Case prices range from $ 40 to $ 85, depending on the size of your iPhone and the case style you choose.

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Stand, protection, leather and silicone

Media is very entertaining on an Apple iPhone 12. One of the first purchases to consider is a case with a solid stand option. ESR has a few stand models and these enclosures have the toughest stand I have ever tested.

ESR cases range from $ 16.99 to $ 35.99 and come in a variety of colors and styles. Bundles with screen protectors and two models with MagSafe support are available.

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Horween leather that ages gracefully

With the release of four new iPhone 12 models from Apple, Nomad is offering a few drop options ranging from $ 49.95 to $ 69.95. If you’re interested in a Horween leather bag that will age and look great over time, Nomad is definitely one of the best options to consider. We spent time on a few cases.

The rugged case is available in black, natural, and rustic brown for $ 49.95. The Rugged Folio has three card slots and one money slot on the inside flap of this case with a nominal capacity of six cards. It’s priced at $ 69.95, but it’s very well constructed with high quality materials.

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Drop and antimicrobial protection

The Speck product line offers protection, improved grip, fall protection and antimicrobial protection. The options for the iPhone 12 case range from $ 39.95 to $ 59.95. We tested the stylish Presidio 2 Armor Cloud for the iPhone 12.

Speck integrates its Microban technology so that the casing reduces bacterial growth by up to 99%. Improved grip is also a staple for bacon casings. So if you want security while holding your iPhone 12, consider one of the case options.

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Discreet scratch protection

Sometimes all you want is a little bit of protection from scratches and minor bumps without compromising the size or feel of your iPhone. Totallee initially offered five color / material options for the iPhone 12. Options included matte cases in Frosted Clear, Frosted Black, Navy Blue, and Green. Totallee also offers a transparent (clear) option. I tried the Frosted Black and Navy Blue case options. These five colors are available for $ 39 each.

Recently Totallee added some limited edition color options. Carbon fiber, pearl white, dot matrix, clear hard and Oh So Peachy. These new colors are available for $ 45.

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