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AirPods three and Apple Pencil three are reportedly about to launch

Apple’s “Spring Loaded” event kicks off Tuesday, April 20, which is where new iPad pros and AirTags may be seen. The event could also see Apple debut AirPods 3 and a new Apple Pencil after a new leak.

A post on Weibo (via 9to5Mac) says AirPods 3 and Apple Pencil 3 are about to launch. The Weibo account, UnclePan, had a photo of the alleged new AirPods showing a design that is very close to AirPods Pro, but without the silicone tips. The case also appears to have a wider, flatter profile.

Reports of when the AirPods 3 will arrive are mixed

The AirPods 3 photo doesn’t seem to reveal anything we haven’t heard or seen in the past few months. But the image shared on Weibo sure looks like it comes closest to the finished product.

The same report claims a third generation Apple Pencil is on the way. A new pen makes sense in several reports claiming Apple will update its iPad Pro lineup at this month’s event. A picture of the supposedly new Apple Pencil was actually leaked in March and is said to have a more glossy finish, but otherwise a similar design to the Apple Pencil 2.

The reports of the AirPods 3 launch have been mixed over the past few months. A spring launch for the third generation earbuds makes sense as they have been updated for over two years. However, some believe the earbuds won’t be updated until later this year.

Regarding Apple’s alleged iPad Pro update, it is reportedly introducing a mini-LED screen that offers higher brightness and contrast without the risk of burn-in related to OLED. We’ll see what Apple has planned when the Spring Loaded event kicks off next week.

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