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I am an iPhone patriot, however the Samsung Galaxy A55 may convert me to Android

I’m a once dedicated iPhone patriot. Call it blind dedication or Stockholm Syndrome, but I’ve had an iPhone ever since the latter days of the Nokia 3210. But over the past couple of years, my relationship with the iPhone smartphone has become a boring and begrudging one.

That’s not to say iPhones are bad. Far from it, but they are predictable. Over time, I found myself repeating the iPhone cycle out of sheer habit. I don’t know any better, and the prospect of learning an entirely new operating system isn’t exactly an exciting one. But rather than making an educated choice about how best to spend my money, I’ve stuck with my status quo. And through that, I’ve found myself having Android envy. Another prime example of this, comes in the Samsung Galaxy A55.

Less of the same

On first impressions, the Samsung Galaxy A55 takes the best bits of the Samsung Galaxy S24, and places them in a mid-range phone. It has a 6.6in, 1080p AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate, with an impressive 5000mAh capacity that’ll likely last me a few days at a time. The Exynos 1480 chipset that powers the Galaxy A55 is one of Samsung’s speediest yet, while a 50MP f/1.8 main camera is more than adequate for my amateur photosnapping. Perhaps best yet, this will all be available for £439/€480 for the Galaxy A55 (8GB+128GB), and is set to go on sale from 20 March 20 direct from Samsung.

Being enchanted by an Android device has become a pretty regular occurrence for me. I’ve been massively impressed by the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra or the much more reasonably priced Google Pixel 7a. When it comes to design, there’s nothing quite like the Nothing Phone 2a. Meanwhile, I’ve mostly stuck with iPhone’s out of blind, aimlessly loyalty. This is especially true as I believe that since its glory days, Apple is becoming increasingly predictable.

With all that said, I think now is the time for me to break the iPhone cycle. It’s not you, Apple. It’s me.

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