Z Grills 600E Wooden Pellet Grill Smoker



Z Grills 600E Pellet Grill is the perfect 8-in-1 grill for those nights spent out in the yard cooking up your favorite meats. It has 572 square inches of cooking area and you can do many things with this grill, including smoking, baking, roasting, searing, braising, barbecuing, and char-grilling. This grill has a temperature range of 180 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and also has an upgraded digital control board that auto-ignites the grill. With an automated electric feed system, it maintains the heat for you. This grill is also easy to clean and transportable with the specially-designed waste-oil-collector and caster wheels that lock in place. Plus, if you need a place to store your grill tools, the included bottom storage area is the perfect spot.

  • 8-in-1. Grill, smoke, bake, roast, sear, braise, BBQ, or char-grill

  • PID controller. Hold the tightest temperature possible throughout your cooking

  • Double-door storage cabinet. Keep your grilling gear including pellet bags, grilling tools, & extension cords in one place

  • Stainless steel design. Provides long-lasting durability & great heat retention

  • Side shelf. Acts as a sturdy & reliable area for prepping meats

  • Tool hooks. Keep your grilling essentials at your fingertips

  • Heavy-duty caster wheels. Easily move your grill around

Forbes: “If you don’t currently own a smoker and are ready to experience delicious brisket, ribs, and pulled pork…the affordable and high-quality Z Grills lineup.”

Tech Crunch: “The Z Grill is a new smoker/BBQ/general purpose cooker option that combines a lot of versatility into a relatively compact package.”


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