Y-Brush Electrical Toothbrush NylonBlack Pack with Holder


Save time and simplify your routine with Y-Brush!

A complete brushing takes just 10-20 seconds and delivers the same results as a 2-minute traditional brush, thanks to Y-Brush’s unique arch-shaped mouthpiece which brushes all your teeth simultaneously in just a single motion. Designed for sensitivity, NylonBlack Premium offers 4 modes so you can regulate the intensity of the vibration and the duration of brushing. Choose Y-Brush and experience the quick, easy, and gentle way to take care of your teeth and gums. This innovative toothbrush is the result of 4 years of research and development with dentists and has undergone rigorous clinical studies to evaluate its efficacy. The toothbrush technology is clinically proven and protected by 4 patents.

Trusted by more than 100,000 users
Winner of a 2023 CES Innovation Award
Proven to be 2.38 times more effective than regular brushing
Featured on CNN, Good Morning America, USA Today, CNET, and more

The Premium Pack includes a brush holder for easy storage.

4.4/5 rating on Trustpilot:
★ ★ ★ ★

  • Advanced vibration technology. Designed to remove plaque & deliver a thorough clean without harming teeth or gums
  • 4 modes. Personalize the intensity of vibration & brushing time according to your needs
  • Arch-shaped mouthpiece. Brushes all your teeth simultaneously and evenly, saving you time and effort
  • Long battery life. One charge lasts 3 months
  • Detachable head. Easy to clean while maintaining oral hygiene
  • Compact. Easy to store.

NylonBlack comes with a brush holder. Specially designed for Y-Brush brush heads, this holder allows you to dry your brush quickly and easily. Simply place your brush head upside down after brushing to allow water to drain off easily. No more lumpy brushes on the edge of the sink or in your bathroom!


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