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Xreal’s second-gen AR specs improve the show and audio for higher immersion

While plenty are flocking to shove virtual reality headsets on their faces, plenty of customers would rather something smaller. Enter AR specs. There are certainly fewer options to pick from, but Xreal’s second-gen glasses add another fish in the sea. The Air 2 AR glasses upgrade the display and audio to give you better immersion while wearing the techy glasses.

Disguised as a pair of regular sunglasses, Xreal’s Air 2 will display virtual elements over the real world in front of you. The glasses pair with an accompanying smartphone app over Bluetooth to function. Impressively, the Air 2 specs weigh even less than first-gen at just 71 grams – not much more than a regular pair of sunnies. And with accompanying nose pads, you should be safe from these high-tech glasses slipping off your face.

The biggest upgrade with the Air 2 specs comes in the display. Xreal now uses Micro-OLED displays, which are lighter and higher quality. You get an impressive 4,032 pixels-per-inch, with a Full-HD resolution of 1920×1080 in each eye. There’s an ultra-high contrast ratio of 100000:1, up to 500 nits of brightness, and a 120Hz refresh rate. When watching content, you can beam it up to a viewing experience of 330-inches – that’s bigger than your local cinema.

Xreal also upgraded the audio with the Air 2 glasses. The audio system now supports spatial audio for more immersive content. But the brand still reckons that others won’t be able to hear your audio. The microphones also get an upgrade, promising improved call quality thanks to noise-cancelling tech. Plus, you can now dim the glasses with just one-touch, depending on the level of immersion you’re after.

Fancy a venture into the AR world? Xreal’s Air 2 AR Glasses are available to pre-order from today, directly from the brand. They’ll set you back $399/£399 for the standard model, or $449/£449 for the Pro option. You can nab the specs in plenty of colours: Navy Blue, Verdigris, Royal Blue, Dale Dogwood, Jonquil, Dartmouth Green, Graphite Grey, and Carmine Red.

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