Williams Assault from Mars™ Pinball



Arcade1Up’s Digital Pinball is here! Complete your at-home arcade with your very own ¾ scale Attack from Mars digital pinball machine. Featuring a vibrant 23.8″ LCD playfield, haptic touch flippers with feedback, real feel tilt and nudge, a working plunger, light-up back glass, dual speakers, and much more. It truly is the most satisfying digital pinball experience yet.

Wanna change up the game? That’s the beauty of digital pinball. Switch anytime from Attack from Mars™ to Fish Tales™, The Getaway: Highspeed II™, Junk Yard™, Medieval Madness™, White Water™, Red & Ted’s Road Show™, Hurricane™, Tales of the Arabian Nights™, and No Good Gofers™. One pinball machine, ten games, endless fun.

  • 10-in-1

    • Attack from Mars™
    • Fish Tales™
    • The Getaway: Highspeed II™
    • Junk Yard™
    • Medieval Madness™
    • White Water™
    • Red & Ted’s Road Show™
    • Hurricane™
    • Tales of the Arabian Nights™
    • No Good Gofers™

  • Classic features in digital form. Built-in haptic feedback, accelerometer, nudges, & tilts
  • 2 playfield knockers. Utilizing Solenoid modules for playfield ball feedback
  • Ready to play. No quarters required!

Arcade1Up | Officially Licensed Arcade Cabinets
Arcade1Up is a computer hardware firm that specializes in creating working arcade video game replicas utilizing modern components and emulation. All cabinet artwork and gameplay are licensor approved.


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