Vehicle Mounted Counter UAV Dedrone OntheMove

Introducing DedroneOTM with Dronetracker.AI and DedroneDefender: Vehicle Mounted Counter UAV Solution, Showcased at Eurosatory 2024 for Enhanced Airspace Security

Virginia-based counter-UAV systems developer Dedrone recently announced its latest airspace security solution, DedroneOnTheMove (DedroneOTM), expanding its range of modular and battle-proven anti-drone technologies designed for expeditionary forces operating in volatile environments. Developed in partnership with Dedrone’s range of government and security clients, its partners, and well-respected defense suppliers like Supacat, vehicle mounted counter UAV system DedroneOTM will be on display at Eurosatory from June 17-21 in Paris. 

Featuring Dedrone’s counter-UAS command and control system, Dronetracker.AI, the new vehicle-mounted solution uses an array of DedroneSensors to detect, track, and mitigate drone threats, offering 2.5 degrees of accuracy. This is combined with Dedrone’s smart radar jammer (DedroneDefender) to provide a complete drone kill-chain against over 200 models of UAVs. The system is fully ruggedized, operates off a MIL-STD-1275 power supply, and is designed to meet MIL-ST-810H weather and vibration specifications.

“National security initiatives now must include multiple layers of counter-drone capabilities to be truly comprehensive. Governments around the world understand this new reality, which is why we partner with six of the G7 nations, the Ukrainian defense forces and a total of 20 government entities around the world. DedroneOTM is the latest product of these close working relationships, focused on force protection on the move,” said Aaditya Devarakonda, CEO of Dedrone. “Like all of our solutions, DedroneOTM features our comprehensive C2 sensor-fusion platform powered by AI/ML, DedroneTracker.AI — providing forces easy to deploy, affordable and comprehensive airspace security needed in conflict situations.”  

The new DedroneOTM system is designed for easy integration into a wide range of mobility platforms, including Supacat’s battle-proven HMT system. DedroneOTM will be available as a standard modular feature on their range of vehicles. An HMT-400 model equipped with DedroneOTM will be on display at Eurosatory. 

According to their press release, Dedrone is implemented across 32 countries and is used by six of the G-7 nation governments; 829 sites, including 49 airports and 59 stadiums; 15 US federal entities and 20 non-US governments. The company actively provides counter-drone solutions for some of the most high-profile events and organizations, working with public safety entities to protect over 360 sites globally. It is the first counter-drone company to earn Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act of 2002 (SAFETY Act) Designation status from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of SAFETY Act Implementation (OSAI).”

More information on Dedrone and their new OTM product is available here


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