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UK players may obtain as much as £562 in PlayStation lawsuit

I realise that the above PlayStation lawsuit headline reads like it came from the same scammer who’s been attempting to contact you all these years about rewarding you with a vast inheritance, but I assure you it’s legit.

A claim, filed to the Competition Appeal Tribunal back in 2022 is continuing, centred around “consumer champion” Alex Neil’s argument that Sony “ripped off” customers with its prices. If successful, the lawsuit could see anyone who purchased anything on the PlayStation Store between 2016 and 2022 be entitled to anywhere between £67 to £562 in damages. But don’t get excited just yet — while a new collective proceedings order has been released (essentially showing that things are moving along), there’s absolutely no guarantee that things will proceed and/or come to a final conclusion. We imagine Sony has more than a few highly qualified lawyers to fight its case, and we doubt they’re going to simply let things continue without a fight.

If you’re interested in being kept in the loop, you’re welcome to visit the PlayStation You Owe Us site to sign up for updates and more information. If you bought anything from the PlayStation Store during the aforementioned period, then you could receive a tidy sum of cash in future. Potentially. It could be years before anything is finalised, and that’s assuming the case trundles along all the necessary legal checkpoints (of which I know nothing about). Still, it might be worth signing up, just in case you’re eligible for a surprise bonus in future.

In the meantime, you’re welcome to check out our list of the best PlayStation 5 games to help kill some time while you wait for your big PlayStation lawsuit novelty cheque to arrive.

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