UGame K118 18″ 2K 144Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor


Note: The HDMI port supports a maximum output of 2560*1600 120Hz, and the Type-C port supports a maximum output of 2560*1600 144Hz.


Dedicated to competitive gamers, the 9ms response time significantly reduces monitor blur occurrence, and the 18 inch 2k gaming monitor 144hz has the benefit of fast-moving game genres such as first-person shooters, fighters, racing sims, real-time strategy, and sports.


18 inch 144hz gaming monitor uses FreeSync technology, the real-time screen is automatically synchronized, effectively preventing screen tearing, allowing users to obtain a smoother viewing experience, and making the game screen smoother to the extreme.


18 inch 2K 144Hz FreeSync monitor can have many user-friendly designs, which can provide gamers with more physical and mental experience. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, or the experience of different gaming devices, the portable gaming monitor can meet your needs.


With a super narrow bezel, enjoy the best immersion possible in the latest games with a multi-monitor 180-degree setup. Enjoy better continuity between screens while playing games, working, or general computing.

The 18 inch 144hz gaming monitor weighs only 1.04 kg (2.29 lbs), and can be carried anywhere to enjoy games, entertainment, etc. anytime, anywhere. Not only suitable for indoor but also the best choice for outdoor game entertainment.


Built-in four 75*75mm (M4*4mm) VESA holes, you can install this 1600P 144Hz monitor on the desktop or wall, save space on the desktop, use it to place more daily equipment, achieve multi-device use at the same time, comprehensively improve productivity, and allow work more efficient.


18 inch FreeSync 144hz monitor equipped with rich interfaces, such as mini HDMI and full-featured type C, it can be connected to your device with only one cable. In addition, it is also compatible with Switch, steam deck, PS4, PS5 and other game devices, mobile phones, computers, etc. are also very applicable.


2K gaming monitors 144hz adopt low blue light technology that filters harmful blue light to protect your eyes of all ages. Flicker-free eliminates the harmful flicker of traditional LCDs, preventing eye strain and impaired vision.


2K FreeSync 144hz monitor with built-in dual 8Ω 1W speakers, can enjoy 3D stereo sound source without external music equipment, which makes 18 inch monitor 1600p very convenient for playing games, audio, and video playback.


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