UAVOS Introduces Unpiloted Helicopter for Wildfire Suppression

The UVH-170 Drone: A Step Forward in Aerial Surveillance for Firefighting

Autonomous UAV developer UAVOS recently announced that their UVH-170 unpiloted helicopter was successfully used to support wildfire suppression efforts, including night operations. Utilizing its combination of visible-light and thermal imaging cameras, the UVH-170 provided vital real-time geospatial mapping, verifying the “Gimbal 201” system meets the needs of firefighters. The fully autonomous UVH-170 features a 5-hour flight time and a total payload of up to 4 kg and is compatible with a wide range of civilian and security-focused sensors. UAVOS pilots fly 2000 ft above the ground to capture video feeds on the edges of the blaze. 

These video feeds are then streamed to a ground control station and analyzed by data specialists to interpret the infrared data. By eliminating the delay between data being gathered and being applied, firefighters can be more reactive to fast-moving wildfires as they change. .

UAVOS CEO Aliaksei Stratsilatau said, “Operating from a safe distance, a drone pilot can identify and geo-locate hot spots providing critical information to the fire management team to aid them with planning, resource management, and assigning tasks and priorities for the day. This process is a lot faster and safer than firefighters walking through hazardous terrain surveying the fire line,”

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