TikTok Scrolling and Kindle App Page Turning Bluetooth Remote Ring (Pink)


Enjoy hands-free TikTok scrolling for seamless app navigation. Bluetooth-controlled, it effortlessly scrolls, swipes, and controls volume, freeing you from the phone grip. For Kindle enthusiasts, our Page Turner lets you read comfortably, turning pages effortlessly. Capture moments with the Camera Remote, offering a 32.8 ft range for photos and videos. Compact and convenient, the charging case ensures 40 hours of usage. Compatible with iOS 14.8+ and Android, it’s the ultimate remote for a connected lifestyle.

  • Wide compatibility. Compatible with Kindle Kobo, iOS & Android devices
  • Ergonomic design. Ensures effortless and comfortable wear on the finger without discomfort
  • Charging case. For on-the-go charging
  • Long battery life. Provides a battery life of up to 14 hours on a single charge, alleviating concerns about frequent charging
  • Page turner. Effortless Kindle page turning — eliminate the need for screen tapping, just press for remote flipping!
  • TikTok remote scroller. Enjoy hands-free viewing without the need for constant screen tapping
  • Camera shutter. Capture videos & photos without the awkward poses of reaching your phone

Note: Available for Kindle App on tablets, not for Kindle devices


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